Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer 201946
Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer 201946

46 Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer 2019

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Finding beautiful and unique wedding dresses for the most important day is every girl’s dream. But it may be quite troublesome to make a decision before thousands of bridal gowns. So maybe you could choose the bridal dresses according to the fashion trend, and here are wedding gowns trend for 2019 spring and summer.

Compare to the colorful trend in 2018, 2019 spring/summer wedding gowns colors are much less, with blush color, champagne, grey, coffee, etc. and still with ivory and cream as the main colors, and the styles are also extremely varied.

Princess style

Princess-styled bridal gowns is one of the trendy styles for 2019 spring and summer. And flared skirt and short princess styled wedding gowns will lead the bride’s choice next year. Princess wedding dress is the decent choice for those want to be elegant bride, and short princess gowns could be ideal d├ęcor for those with beautiful legs.

Asymmetrical design

Most wedding dresses come in symmetrical designs, but 2019 wedding gown trend will release many trendy gowns with Asymmetrical designs, from neckline, waist to the bottom of the dress.

Black wedding gowns

Many brides have a love-hate relationship with the wedding gowns with black elements. As dress with black is so trendy yet many parents do not like black colors. But luckily, in 2019 trend, black elements are just some decoration, black bow, black girdle or black golf.


Although the general trend of 2019 bridal dress is simple, ruffles styled bridal gowns continue to be popular in 2019. Those irregular ruffles and laces designs will surely add romance and charm to the bride.

Flower decoration

The flowers decorations full of spring feeling become more in wedding dress design. With hundreds of roses on the gowns, every bride would be full of romance and feminine.

Details in back designs

Wedding ceremony is only once in the whole life, so the wedding dress cannot be too careful to focus the details. So a gown with special design in back will surely make the bridal dress special and eye-catching.