Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas19
Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas19

35 Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas

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What are Pink and White Nails?

In short, they are what’s commonly referred to as a “French manicure” — pink at the base, white at the tip. The nail tips can be formed in a variety of ways, from oval, to square, to “squoval”, and at varying lengths.

How to Apply Pink and White Acrylic Nails

Forms or tips are fairly inexpensive, and readily available (even at the supermarket), and do not require a licensed nail technician to apply. The packaging will often even have basic instructions for completing the process, but it is hoped the information below can help elaborate.

The steps to do a set of Pink-and-whites can be done at home with the right tools, which include:

  • Pink polish, white polish, and clear polish
  • Nail prep, nail primer, and monomer
  • Scissors, nails file, and nail brush

First, prepare your hands and nails. This begins with washing your hands and nails thoroughly. Next, trim the nails and file them down evenly. Now prepare the nails for the glue by buffing them with the nail file, which removes the top shiny coating.

Soak your fingers for at least 5 minutes and then push the cuticles back. Dry the hands thoroughly and, optionally, apply nail prep to help dry out the nails and nail beds.

Now it’s time for application of primer and monomer. Apply primer to each nail, allowing it to dry to a white color. Next, one nail at a time, apply the monomer. Using the nail brush, take a small amount of liquid monomer, make a small bead on the nail, and brush it to the tip of the nail, flattening as you go. Allow the monomer on the nails to completely dry.

Next, simply attach the artificial nails (forms) and cut and/or file them down to the appearance you would like.

Time to paint! Polish each nail, in its entirety, using the pink polish. Once the pink polish dries, apply adhesive to the base of each nail tip — just the area you want to see white. This once again “roughs” up the area to readily accept polish. Now polish these tips with the white polish.

The final step is the clear coat. After the white polish dries, apply the clear polish over each nail.

That’s it – once this last coat dries you’re all done!